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The Tennessee State University Alumni Outreach publication is produced twice a year and mailed to all members of the TSUNAA.

We have a new way to submit content and information for the Outreach Magazine and it’s easy just like an email! Submit files to:

Click To view Alumni Outreach Webinar Presentation.

It will ask for senders to “Add Files” and then their email. They can still send it to my” In the message area, PLEASE INCLUDE YOUR CHAPTER’S NAME! It is critical that chapter names are included to track who has submitted and who has not. 

Your submission must adhere to the following word count and document specifications:

  • Min. Word Count: Approx. 275*
  • Max Word Count: Approx. 475*
  • 1” Margin | 12 pt. Font | Single Spaced

Unacceptable File Types

  • Zip Files
  • PDF
  • GIF (Or any dynamic/moving images)
  • Encrypted Files

Acceptable File Types

  • JPEG
  • PNG

Step-by-step instructions are: 

1. Add Files

2. Enter “” in the Email To field. 

3. Enter personal/chapter email address in the Email From field. 


Any advertisement or articles (we encourage paid advertisements to offset publication costs) or NEWSWORTHY submissions will be subject to a per issue fee and will not be charged unless used:

  1. 1/8 page (business cards) – $40
  2. ¼ page – $75
  3. ½ page – $125
  4. Full page – $200
  5. Front or Back inside cover – $250 (1st come)

Notification of Outreach deadline will be sent via postcards and e-mail.  

If you have questions, please email Aarian Foreman at


Alumni Outreach Editions

2017 Winter Edition

2018 Spring Edition