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The Tennessee State University Alumni Outreach publication is produced twice a year and mailed to all members of the TSUNAA.


Guidelines for submitting articles for the Alumni Outreach:

  1. Please e-mail your one (1) page article to
  2. Submit articles in Word and do not put articles in blocks, frames, etc.
  3. If pictures (black and white or color- scanned) are to be submitted (scanned) with your article it should not exceed your one page submission and please do not put it in frames, blocks, etc.
  4. Make sure your articles include only current information, i.e., information regarding new officers, meeting times, upcoming events, scholarship recipients for the current school year, scholarship fundraisers, etc.  Please do not be overly descriptive with menu items, what music was played, what someone wore, etc.
  5. Use 12-inch font, single spaced, Calibri print.


Any advertisement or articles (we encourage paid advertisements to offset publication costs) or NEWSWORTHY submissions will be subject to a per issue fee and will not be charged unless used:


  1. 1/8 page (business cards) - $40
  2. ¼ page - $75
  3. ½ page - $125
  4. Full page - $200
  5. Front or Back inside cover - $250 (1st come)


Notification of Outreach deadline will be sent via post cards and e-mail.  

If you have questions, please call Jonathan Smith at (313)475-0617 after 8:00 PM Central Standard Time.


Download PFD: Outreach Magazine Centennial Edition

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