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President’s Message

Greetings TSU Alumni,

One of the goals that the Executive Board established in August 2016 was to have “Combined Effective Communications” and updating the Tennessee State University National Alumni Association (TSUNAA) Website is a step in the direction to improving the communications within our association.

The TSUNAA website must have an Appearancethat is visually appealing, polished and professional.  The website needs to have Content.  The first thing you see should be a simple and clear message that all TSU Alumni can understand.The TSUNAA website must have Functionality.  Component or links not working are not permissible.  This site must have Usability.  This site must be easy to read, navigate and understandable. 

It is our goal to keep the website updated with new and pertinent information.  Something new that we have included is the Photo Gallery for the Chapters.  It is the intent to make this site your first stop in learning about our current Executive Board, Chapter Presidents, Homecoming 2017 activities, TSUNAA National Convention 2018, and etc. 

And lastly, in keeping with the spirit of taking TSUNAA to the next level, wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could pay your dues online?  This is just something to think about in taking the TSUNAA to the next level. 

Joni McReynolds