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The primary focus of the National Program Committee during the 2016-2018 term is the development and implementation of national services and programs designed to:

1. Establish a national association programing platform and identity that expands upon the programing provided at Legends Weekend, Homecoming and the Annual TSU Unified National Alumni Brunch;
Support local chapters by aligning chapter and association event calendars; and
2. Provide, where appropriate, chapter coordination, training and in-service opportunities.
3. In addition, the National Program Committee is working with the National Membership Chair to create programs and services that will attract, benefit and engage all Alumni.

Joni McReynolds, National President, Ex-Officio
Marionette Richardson-Scott, National Program Chair
Hodari Brown, National Membership Chair
Siddeeqah Johnson, Southeast Region Vice President
Patricia Willis, Fareast Region Vice President
Terri Covington, Midwest Region Vice President
Raynetta Smith, Farwest Region Vice President
Davetta Mills Daniels, Southwest Region Vice President
Alvino Douglass, Midsouth Region Vice President
Dr. Kimberly Fowler, Northeast Region Vice President
Audrey Strafford, Virtual Affinity Chapter Vice President
Darlene Harris-Vasser, National Scholarship Chair
Kendra Thompson, National Young Alumni Coordinator
Charles Galbreath, National Strategic Planning & Organizational Effectiveness Chair