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THE MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE shall foster ways and means to increase the membership in the Association. The committee chair shall investigate the qualifications of applicants as well as investigate delinquent chapters in paying their assessment and report such chapters to the Executive Board.

Recommended Activities for Increasing Memberships

  1. Correspond often with chapter presidents concerning its membership
  2. Provide suggested activities to chapter presidents for increasing chapter memberships
  3. Create promotional tactics that will be attractive to prospective members.
  4. Inspire Regional Vice Presidents to charter new chapters in areas where chapters do not exist and reactivate chapters that have become.
  5. Select a committee to assist in membership recruitment with representation from each region in the National Association.
  6. Communicate frequently with the Executive Secretary on the progress of yearly memberships.
  7. Set up membership recruitment booths at Homecoming and classic games, or whenever there’s a large gathering of TSU alumni.
  8. Submit advertisements about membership in the Alumni Outreach Magazine.
  9. Display and distribute attractive literature that will answer questions about the necessity of belonging to the alumni association.
  10. Work cooperatively with all officers and representatives of the University, to share ideas concerning membership recruitment.
  11. Work cooperatively with the national president in developing the format, applications, and materials pertaining to honorary membership.
  12. Assist in preparing the Induction Ceremony for honorary members and actively participate.
  13. Work cooperatively with the committee in planning the program format.
  14. Present names of recommended citizens for honorary membership in the association to the executive board.
  15. Work with the association president in establishing rules pertaining to chapters submitting names for consideration.